Throw Me on a Scale

Today love has completely gutted me.
I’m lying in the market like a
Filleted grouper,

Every desire and sinew absolutely silent
But I am still so fresh.

Everything is now the same to me.

The touch of a beautiful woman
As she lifts me near,
Drawing my scent into her body;
She thinks about taking me home.

The touch of a wondrous fly
Drinking my vital fluids
Through a strange shaped flute,

The sun laying its radiant gaze against my cheek,
Human voices and the breeze from a passing
Horse’s tail,

All send miraculous currents into
My world.

God’s beauty has split me wide open.
Throw Hafiz on a scale,
Wrap me in cloth,
Bring me home

Lift a piece of knowledge to your lips
So I can melt inside of you
And sing.