Helping people find a healthier happier and more fulfilling life

My counselling works...
My counselling works for people who are experiencing emotional difficulties (e.g. confusion, anxiety, stuckness, overwhelm, grief or anger). It doesn't matter what you've been told or what you've tried already, if what you want is to make changes within yourself to feel better I'll support you.

My approach is particularly effective for people who...
My approach is particularly effective for people whose experience includes a loss of direction, purpose and zest for life. For those who have realised that something has to change on the inside before it can change on the outside. For those who, despite their fears, have the courage to enter unknown territory in order to find a new way.

Therapy is tailored to each individual...

I seek to understand you and your situation, to 
work collaboratively to find an appropriate approach and pace in order to make effective progress towards aims you choose. 

Short or longer term therapy?
Some people find the confidence they want, often recovering a sense of their 'old self', in just a few sessions. But for long standing issues and lasting change an open ended arrangement is more suitable.
In any event there is no need for you to make a decision right away, after a few sessions we discuss and review the therapy together and how long the therapy lasts always remains your choice.

As a result...
Clients have the opportunity to get to know themselves and to challenge and change aspects of who they are. As a result they often report feeling better about themselves and being able to get more out of life. Asked to identify specific benefits, they frequently speak of greater confidence, a sense of moving forward, better relationships and more clarity about who they are and their direction in life.

In confidence and without obligation...
You are free to contact me in confidence and without obligation to ask questions or to arrange an initial meeting. You will find my details on the 'Contact me' page.

Face to face sessions (60 minutes): £50